Day trip to the Royal Adelaide Hospital

We visit the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and discover some child-friendly amenities.

A while back we had an appointment at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (or RAH as it’s often called) and when my childcare arrangements fell through at the last minute I was a bit nervous about how I was going to keep my small person occupied for what might be quite a long morning. It turns out that I needn’t have worried – she enjoyed visiting the hospital and found it really stimulating. She loved little things like riding up and down in the lifts, which I wasn’t expecting. (We did quite a lot of going up and down in the lifts as my sense of direction – never great at the best of times – meant that I became disorientated and took a while to find my way back to our carpark).

It occurred to me that sometimes the things that, as an adult with the parking meter ticking away and jobs awaiting you at home, seem like a bit of a drag can turn out to be quite entertaining for a child.

Case in point: getting a bit lost and then having to ride up and down in the lifts trying to find the correct carpark. Lots of opportunity for counting the floors and identifying the numbers on the buttons inside the lift. Lots of opportunities for engaging with fellow lift passengers and friendly ambulance officers.

So when we had a rainy day with nothing planned, and my little person asked if we could take the tram along North Terrace to the hospital, I jumped at the opportunity to leave the car behind and add on a trip to the RAH to our trip into the city to do jobs.

You can read my full review here over at Play & Go

You can see my photos here

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