Image provided - The Little Death Club

Little Death Club

Adelaide Fringe Festival, review 26 February 2017

Many laughs but not for those who are easily offended

It had been a busy few weeks years in our household and time for a night out without the kids, so we got dressed up and headed to the Royal Croquet Club’s fabulous new home at Pinky Flat to see Little Death Club.

One of my favourite things about the Fringe is the sheer variety of shows and not quite knowing what to expect. There were plenty of surprises for us with this show.

Billed as “an hour of dangerously funny cabaret, sideshow and burlesque at its most inappropriate and hilarious best”, Little Death Club definitely lives up to that promise. Black Forest is a fabulous venue and the cabaret environment was a bit glamorous and fun for a night out.

Little Death Club is hosted by Bernadette Byrne, who describes herself as a cross between Lady Gaga and Marlene Dietrich and who is keen on audience interaction (on unsuspecting members of the audience). The other performers stun/shock/entertain the audience with a recitation of a love scene from a Mills & Boon novel, some sensational hula hooping, and awkward naked male slapstick moments.

Without giving too much away I will say that I was entertained and also a bit shocked by Little Death Club.

Halfway through the show as I was cowering in my seat and trying to avoid making eye contact with a naked man brandishing a bouquet of roses I realised that Little Death Club had transported me a million miles from my usual world of nappies and school readers and ballet/footy and grocery shopping to another world:

A world where full frontal nudity mixes with Mills & Boon readings, and where a naked man could leap on you at any point in time bearing a bouquet of roses.

Yes Little Death Club is most definitely NSFW.

No I would not recommend you go to it with your parents (unless you could handle watching Borat with them.)

Image provided

This review was published on Play & Go Adelaide and you can see it here. Play & Go Adelaide have media access to the Adelaide Fringe 2017. All reviews are our own opinion from personal experience, unpaid and not influenced by the artist/s and/or promoter/s in any way.

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