Review of Loose Ends at the Adelaide Fringe. Review and images by Susannah Marks

Loose Ends

Adelaide Fringe Review 26 February 2017

Wallace & Gromitt meet Mr Bean meets Tim Burton in this charming and highly visual show about magic and friendship. Review by Susannah Marks.

If your kids are anything like mine and are forever ransacking your recycling for boxes and bits & bobs for their latest creation then their imaginations will be sparked by Loose Ends. Walking into the Cascadeur tent you are transported to a magical workshop of a madcap inventor whose life is organised into a series of cardboard boxes.

Review of Loose Ends at the Adelaide Fringe. Review and images by Susannah Marks

What is Loose Ends? 

Loose Ends is presented by Jens Altheimer, who won the 2013 Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Production for Children, and it is an inventive and original show. It has a rich visual element and showcases Jens’ skilful clowning, mime and puppetry.

If you’re looking for an engaging family show that’s a little quirky then this is for you.

Loose Ends is a charming show with a good dose of humour and creativity thrown in. There are very few words spoken during the show – this really draws you in, encourages you to use your other senses, and engages your imagination.

Review of Loose Ends at the Adelaide Fringe. Review and images by Susannah Marks

What the Play & Go kids thought

We went with children aged between 6 and 9. They all thoroughly enjoyed the show and were focussed on the stage for the entire duration. At times they were perched on the edges of their seats with excitement. There was also lots of giggling.

The Play & Go kids loved the inventor breathing life into his various semi-mechanical contraptions, thingamabobs, and old toys. They watched on with joy in their eyes as toys came to life (and went crazy); and they enjoyed the moments of audience participation.

As a parent it was delightful to see the look of wonder on their faces and to see them so engrossed in the show.

Loose Ends is not a sugary sweet sort of children’s show (you won’t find any unicorns, glitter or Wiggles hits here) but it was a lot of fun and we reckon you should grab the chance to see it.

Tips for enjoying Loose Ends

❤️Get your tickets early and then wander through the Garden of Unearthly Delights soaking up the ambience.  If we’d had more time we could have happily enjoyed some dinner or some activities at the Garden. See more about the Garden here.

❤️The show is recommended for ages 5-12. However there were smaller children in the audience who were delighted to be there.

❤️Be prepared for this show to pique your amateur inventor’s curiosity! Good luck getting all those cardboard boxes and broken toys out to the recycling or hard rubbish.

This review was published on Play & Go Adelaide and you can see it here. Play & Go Adelaide have media access to the Adelaide Fringe 2017. All reviews are our own opinion from personal experience, unpaid and not influenced by the artist/s and/or promoter/s in any way.

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