North Adelaide Playspace Review

Review by Susannah Marks 8 October 2016

The new North Adelaide Playspace is situated on the corner of Bundeys Road and MacKinnon Parade.  With a mixture of open space, landscaping, nature play elements, sensory play opportunities and some shady space to sit, it was a big hit with our children (aged between 1 and 9).

It was great to see some sun today after all the wet weather we’ve been having in Adelaide lately and a great chance to get the children out of the house so that they could wear themselves out get some Vitamin D and enjoy spending time outdoors.

A friend suggested meeting for coffee (see below for suggestions of cafes nearby) at a new North Adelaide playground and so we found ourselves enjoying a cup of the good stuff while our children enjoyed this fabulous new play space.

My phone being fully charged (usually it’s down to critical battery thanks to all the Pokemon Go hunting that goes on in our household) I snapped a few photos so you can see what we loved about this new playground.

North Adelaide Playspace Review by Susannah Marks

There’s a wide range of play equipment including a slide, seesaws, big swing and climbing equipment. Our children liked the fact that the play equipment is constructed largely of wood. They loved the seesaw and working out how to balance themselves along it, and they enjoyed the climbing equipment and the little cubby house perched up high.

North Adelaide Playspace Review by Susannah Marks

The North Adelaide Playspace has a lot of possibilities for open-ended play and our children were busy making up games and using their imaginations. They loved clambering about on the rocks, and investigating the landscaping.

Right beside the large rock garden there is a huge sand pit so it’s worth taking along some sand toys. If you’re concerned about cuts and bruises playing amongst the rocks, it may be an idea for kids to wear pants for exploring here. This area reminds us of what you’d find in an open creek bed if you were camping.

There’s also a nice big area of grass for children to kick a ball around on, a half basketball court and a tennis court, which were in use when we were there. The courts are situated in between the two playground areas.

One of the highlights for our children were the ‘jingly bells’ which are yellow and green coloured ‘blobs’ which are attached to the ground by heavy duty springs. The children had a great time trying to balance on them and noticed that if you wiggle about on them, or if the wind blows them they make a little jingling noise.

Or if you’re particularly good at balancing then they make very little noise at all. The children make it look much easier than it is!

North Adelaide Playspace Review by Susannah Marks

Things to consider

  • There are picnic tables dotted around the playspace (one is shaded) plus a BBQ area.
  • There is a nearby toilet block with an accessible toilet – however there wasn’t any soap available so perhaps bring hand sanitiser if you’re concerned about hand hygiene.
  • Keep an eye on your roaming toddler. There is some fencing on the side of the playground near the road – however the playspace isn’t fully fenced.

The fencing is thin wire with large spacing in between and there are openings like this for access to the road. Therefore it is not fully fenced so be alert with any toddlers who are ‘runners’.

  • We drove there and there were plenty of diagonal parking spaces available.
  • There was a shaded area over one of the picnic tables but we’d suggest you bring hats and sunscreen as there are play areas not in the shade. Large trees offer shade to the picnic tables near the MacKinnon Parade entrance.

Coffee options nearby!

There are plenty of coffee options on Melbourne Street that are an easy walk. First Pour, Cafe 99, UR Caffee, E for Ethel, The Store and Cibo North Adelaide are between 4 and 8 minutes walk away.

The full review and more photos were published on Play & Go Adelaide. You can see the review here, plus check out their list of other Top Parks & Playgrounds here

What: North Adelaide Playspace

Where: corner Bundeys Road & MacKinnon Parade | map

See the Adelaide City Council website here for details.

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